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Overseas large order has signed again! HYT High-precision reducer has achieved good results.

HENGYITONG MACHINERY is Chinese leading professional R & D, production and sales of precision transmission products. Including high-precision planetary reducers, harmonic reducers, hollow rotating platforms, automotive transmission core components and other products, it has a professional technical team including Japanese experts to provide solid technical support. “Non-standard & customization, creating a market-leading manufacturer of precision transmission solutions” proposed by HENGYITONG’s strategy in 2020.


As a key component of the transmission system, the precision reducer has a broad market space, due to the rapid development of industries such as industrial robots and high-end CNC machine tools. As the industry’s “leader”, HENGYITONG took the lead in completing the identity transformation from a manufacturer to a market-leading manufacturer & solution supplier of precision transmission solutions. HENGYITONG has determined a new direction of development: Improved the competitiveness from the product level to the solution level.

Recently, HENGYITONG signed a mass order agreement with customers in the Middle East for high-precision planetary reducers, harmonic reducers and other products. This is precisely the success of the “non-standard customization” strategy for HENGYITONG in 2020.With Wuxi HENGYITONG’s global vision and resources, excellent product quality and system, and many years of business experience in exporting to the European and American markets and continuous batch supply, according to the special needs put forward by customers in the Middle East, “Customization” form, completed the customer’s overall solution requirements. This collaboration signifies HENGYITONG’s formal entry into the jewelry precision processing industry in the Middle East market. It is the expansion of the overseas market after nearly 20 years of intensive domestic market.


HENGYITONG formulated a detailed “Five-Year Plan for Global Market” in 2018. The company has a professional overseas sales team and set up a key overseas market for HENGYITONG Precision Transmission Products in the plan, making sufficient preparations for expanding the global overseas market. Through the combination of ordinary business and online promotion and marketing models, multi-latitude marketing activities such as exhibitions and customer visits, combined with the advantages of positive research and development and non-standard customization, it has repeatedly achieved excellent results in overseas markets, and provided customers with optimized solutions to achieve reductions. This efficiency increase has laid a solid foundation for the enterprise’s leap-forward development.


The Middle East customer who signed the strategic cooperation this time is a jewelry processing machinery manufacturer. Since its establishment in the 1960s, the company has been well-known in the market and surrounding areas. With the increasing pressure of competition in the industry, finding a high-precision, high-transmission efficiency and more reasonable-cost transmission solution that meets its customization needs has become an important issue for companies to achieve sustainable development. Due to the low cost performance of Japanese and European products, and the fact that most Chinese brands cannot meet their needs for customization and high transmission efficiency, HENGYITONG reducer products stand out.

After completing the sample test of Wuxi HENGYITONG reducer, the customer was very satisfied with the quality of HENGYITONG reducer and was surprised to find that Wuxi HENGYITONG can not only manufacture cost-effective reducers but also tailor them Customized transmission solutions bring design innovation. HENGYITONG, by virtue of its own technology research and development and the craftsmanship of corporate culture inheritance, has finally obtained a batch order of high-precision planetary reducer and harmonic reducer, and reached a strategic cooperation agreement. The overseas director of HENGYITONG said that such successful cases will continue to occur in more overseas markets, creating a high-quality overseas reputation for China’s precision transmission components.


HENGYITONG products are currently widely used in industrial robots, CNC machine tools, jewelry processing, carving industry and other fields, and continue to explore and develop application channels in the field of automated logistics, HENGYITONG has successfully developed a number of brand-new products such as Smart Conveyor Roller Drive (logistics picking lines), Wheel-Side Drives System (automatic mobile robots) and so on. Since then, HENGYITONG will definitely seize the business opportunities in the international precision transmission market, play the strongest sound of made in China, and create an international First-Lever brand with completely independent intellectual property rights.

Post time: Apr-17-2020