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HENGYITONG Smart Conveyor Roller Drive, Support the smart logistics to iterate quickly

After the spread of COVID-19 corona-virus will be controlled, global logistics supply chain system will be rebuilt, The smart logistics industry supported by high technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence and big data will usher in tremendous development. It is expected that in the next five years, green packaging and green warehousing will be widely promoted and applied. The advanced form of smart logistics is the deep application and deep integration of artificial intelligence and smart devices. Advanced technologies such as information interaction, digital distribution, and intelligent decision-making will be the first to be used in the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry. As an important part of smart logistics, the rapid intelligent sorting system will become a multiplier for improving the efficiency of logistics operations. Among them, the innovation and upgrade of Smart Conveyor Roller Drive technology has become the top priority of improving the sorting efficiency.


Smart Conveyor Roller Drive is a precision deceleration mechanism and servo motor integrated in the drum, 90% of the products currently used by domestic logistics companies rely on European, American and Japanese brands, because the miniaturization of the device requires higher technology and process. In the field of logistics light-load picking and delivery, the brands with the highest proportion are INTERROLL of Germany, KYOWA of Japan. In the heavy-duty picking and transmission, Seaparks of the U.S is the market leader, and the intelligent storage and three-dimensional parking garage industry also has a certain market share.

Smart Conveyor Roller Drive, which has troubled logistics companies because of technological monopoly, have high procurement costs and slow service response speeds. Aiming at the long-term problem of logistics enterprises, in order to break the monopoly and reduce the cost of logistics enterprises, Hengyitong has successfully developed domestic precision grade small and medium-sized servo motorized roller series products after repeated market research and technical exploration, and is the first to push it to the global market.


Analysis of application scenarios of sorting operations in the logistics industry, for Oil-immersed Conveyor Roller Drive, the structural design uses internal immersion grease to lubricate and dissipate heat. This design is difficult to avoid the problem of gasification of the lubricating oil film caused by the heat generated by the drum during high-speed transportation, because the heating problem of the electric drum is inevitable during high-speed operation.

The vaporization of lubricating oil produced by the dual action of torque and speed will bring continuous pressure rise to the closed drum cavity. When the gears are engaged at high speed, the high pressure can only relieve the internal pressure by squeezing the lubricating oil from the gap between the contact surfaces on both sides of the end cap. Because of above reason, heavy-duty logistics sorting customers will generally reflect the phenomenon of oil leakage from Oil-immersed Conveyor Roller Drive.

In order to solve the user’s difficult problem, HENGYITONG uses innovation to drive design optimization, choose to add a check valve exhaust structure at the motor drive end cover, after the Smart Conveyor Roller is synthesized, the chamber is evacuated to ensure that the roller is running in a semi-vacuum state, which releases the corresponding elastic space for oil and gas volatilization, and completely eliminates the problem of end cover oil leakage under heavy load environment. HENGYITONG took the lead in adopting this technology in the industry, and applied for invention and technology patents for this unique design structure.


The Smart Conveyor Roller Drive is a key component that works continuously and runs at high speed. With this patented HENGYITONG technology, its working environment temperature can be effectively controlled within 45 ℃. It not only meets the needs of air-tightness, but also does not have the phenomenon of lack of oil and dry burning, but also extends the service life of the product and achieves the best cost-effective results throughout the service life, It highlights HENGYITONG’s hard technology research and development strength and advanced processing capabilities.

It is worth mentioning that HENGYITONG closely follows the development trend of intelligent manufacturing technology, aiming at and completely breaking the long-term technology and cost monopoly of some brands on the Smart Conveyor Roller Drive, the core equipment of intelligent logistics, Provides a more cost-effective choice for the global intelligent manufacturing industry, especially the logistics industry, the transformation and upgrading of warehousing and sorting systems

Post time: Apr-17-2020