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KMI Hollow Rotating Platform Gearhead HRG-130 Featured Image
  • KMI Hollow Rotating Platform Gearhead HRG-130
  • KMI Hollow Rotating Platform Gearhead HRG-130
  • KMI Hollow Rotating Platform Gearhead HRG-130

KMI Hollow Rotating Platform Gearhead HRG-130

Short Description:

Hollow rotating platform is a revolutionary product. It is used in a variety of rotary sports. It can replace DD motor and cam divider. Set high efficiency, high precision, high rigidity, high cost performance in one. It is a revolutionary product in rotating mechanism. The balance between the two is achieved, the repeated positioning accuracy is ≤ 5 seconds, the motor is easy to configure, and the load is stable. It can be used with AC servo motor or stepping motor to do any angle segmentation, which can not only meet the digital control that the divider cannot achieve, but also match the positioning accuracy of DD motor. It can greatly reduce the cost and bring you unexpected results.

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Hollow rotating platform gearhead

Motor type

200-400W servo motor

Rotary platform bearing

Cross roller bearing

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1. It can be matched with 100-750w servo motor

2. The working object can be locked directly

3. The rotating disk surface can directly lock the working objects and improve the convenience of workpiece loading

4. It is convenient for wiring. This rotating platform is hollow design, which is convenient for wiring or piping

5. High accuracy, positioning accuracy less than one minute, and repeated positioning accuracy up to ± 15sec

6. The operation is stable, the disk surface is smooth, and the positioning is fast

7. Suitable for all kinds of motors. The hollow rotating platform can be driven by various brands of servo motors

pro (2)

Hollow structure

The rotary table of the hollow rotating platform is of hollow structure, and the servo motor is connected at the side, which is convenient for the installation of gas pipes and wires in the metallurgical tools.

High repeat positioning accuracy

The hollow rotating platform adopts single-stage helical gear deceleration to increase the output torque, and the gear accuracy level is below level 5. In addition, the flexible gap adjustment mechanism controls the side clearance by changing the center distance of the two gears, so that the hollow rotating platform's air return is very small, and the repeated positioning accuracy is below 5 arc seconds.

High rigidity

The rotary table of the hollow rotating platform is supported by a set of precision cross roller bearings. The rollers in the bearings are arranged in a 90 degree staggered way, and the roller diameter is slightly larger than the raceway size between the inner ring and the outer ring of the bearing, so that there is a preload between the inner ring and the outer ring of the cross roller bearing and the rollers, so that the rotary table of the servo rotating platform supported by the bearings can bear various moments such as radial, axial and overturning, Its rigidity is more than 10 times that of traditional bearing.

High rotation accuracy

After the assembly of the servo rotating platform, the cross roller bearing of the platform is taken as the rotating center, and the outer diameter and end face of the rotary table are grinded again (the standard level is precision turning), so as to ensure the coaxiality and parallelism of the rotary table.

Any configuration of motor

The hollow rotating platform can flexibly change the size of the interface by customizing the flange and input shaft hole, which is suitable for connecting any brand of servo motor and stepping motor

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